In the world of digital marketing there are numerous strategies and tools for the dissemination of content, engagement and quantification of results, however, due to the rise of new trends, people omit strategies that although they have some time in the market as email marketing continue to offer excellent results.

Currently, many companies use digital marketing to reach a wider market but most organizations associate digital marketing mainly with social networks and exclude a large number of strategies and tools, including the
e-mail marketing which consists mainly of the mass dissemination of e-mails. Having an SEO is also important, you can learn some SEO hacks here.

What elements should a good e-mail marketing strategy have?

Have a good product or service

Although it seems obvious it isn’t, many people focus only on spreading a product or service, but sometimes it’s not a finished product or it’s just a business idea. The recommendation is that before starting an e-mail marketing campaign you have a validated product or service on the market which you can show through bulk mailings.

Have a complete and updated database.

There are three characteristics that will define the success of your e-mail marketing strategy: the first is to have a complete database, this means that you must have a database with the necessary information for your strategy, it is not enough just to have the emails, if you want to validate in the future the results of the strategy will need some other values such as billings, activities, geographic data, among others. The database update factor is vital because it ensures you reach the largest number of people for the longest time, so you must create a parallel strategy through which subscribers are able to update their data. The third feature is that everyone in the database must have authorized the ability to receive information from you so the option to purchase a database on the black market is not recommended.

Have a good platform for e-mail marketing service

A very important factor to execute a good e-mail marketing strategy is to have a good software to send bulk mailings because this will define the success of the campaign. Although there is a large number of such software, you need to make sure it is software that suits your needs, is in your language, and can provide you with all the features you need.

Complement your strategy with other factors

Sometimes companies understand digital marketing, and especially e-mail marketing, as incompatible strategies when in reality it is quite the opposite, once you have defined your product, your database and your bulk email software is to innovate thinking about how you can use other platforms to enhance your e-mail marketing campaign. An example is to use video marketing through the uploading of videos on Youtube and integrate these into mass mail or share through social networks such as Facebook or Twitter the option for people to register in your database.

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